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if you know anyone who would be interested in this let me know.

Dear Jewish Friends and Colleagues,

Please help!  We are still in need of a leader (age 18+), one boy and one girl (ages 10-12) to represent the Jewish community at the FACES of Jacksonville Village camp this June 2-16 right here in town.  For the leader it is a great opportunity for a high school senior or college student to get community service hours as well as an awesome experience to list on any resume.  For the delegates it is a chance to try a sleep away camp that is free and close to home while making new friends form diverse cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.  We hope to have the Jewish delegation assembled prior to May 8 (there is a meeting scheduled for that afternoon.)   Please see the attached description of the program and call if you have any questions or know anyone interested in applying:

Theresa Levy

JCA ECE Director

904/730-2100 ext. 237 (work)

904/730-2100 (fax)

904/731-8772 (home)


Have you ever had questions you wanted to ask someone from another culture but were afraid to because you didn't know them?  Have you ever wondered about the things that make us uniquely different like hair or skin color or the way we dress or worship?  Well wonder no more.  Here is a chance for you to expand your mind, meet new friends and have a lot of fun in the process.


From June 2-16, 2004, Jacksonville, Florida will conduct its first ever FACES OF JACKSONVILLE VILLAGE (FACES).  FACES is a summer experience for kids ages 10-12 who will come together from all over the city.  The project was the vision of City Council President Lad Daniels and combines the talents of two local organizations with international and national ties – Children's International Summer Village and the National Conference for Community and Justice.


Children's International Summer Villages (CISV) is a nonprofit educational and unique youth exchange organization. CISV evolved from a firm conviction that lasting peace is possible if individuals and groups can learn to live together as friends.  For CISV, the key to making this vision a reality was to start working with children and youth.  Programs were developed which offered young people opportunities to meet their peers from other countries and to form intercultural friendships.  But not everyone can go to a foreign country.  That's why CISV developed local, programs which give young people the chance to learn about the cultures in their own communities and explore important themes related to peace and understanding.


The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) is a non-sectarian, nonprofit educational agency dedicated to increasing understanding and respect among people of diverse racial, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.  The human relations programs are carefully designed to highlight possibilities for developing responsible and caring citizens—leaders who are equipped to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of our multicultural and interdependent world.  Since 1970, NCCJ Jacksonville has provided programs for people of all age levels, races, cultures, religions and ethnicities. 


The camp will be a 2-week overnight experience held in a public school and modified to replicate a village atmosphere.  There will be 12 delegations representing different cultural groups in Jacksonville.  Each delegation will consist of 2 boys, 2 girls (ages 10-12, preferably rising 6th graders) and an adult leader.  It will be an experience that allows children to be children and is a way for the community to come to know and understand each other in a unique way.


Select community groups (e.g., church, civic, educational, cultural, professional etc.) will form the delegations from among eligible youth.  They will be considered a partner in the project and must be committed to pre and post-program activities as well as supporting the program while it is in progress.  You will be notified once your group helps form your delegation and complete the application and selection process.


When you have completed FACES OF JACKSONVILLE VILLAGE, you’ll see the world through new eyes, and you will make a lasting and positive difference in your own life and in the lives of your new friends.  Even parents will appreciate Jacksonville’s diversity through new eyes.
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