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Home of Brian Bialik

Proud drinkers of Coca-Cola products.

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This is a community for JAFTYites, JAFTY alumni, and JAFTY enthusiasts. Enjoy!

All across the River City
(oh yeah, uh huh, what what? we got it)
Drinkin' our Cokes and acting real witty
(prayin' and chillin' and eatin' and willin')
Beaches, Mandarin to the Westside
JAFTY dominates with Jewish pride!

You wanna have some fun tonight?
Well we will rock you to the core
so just walk through that youth lounge door
come in with a grin
and try to comply
with the masters of awesomeness
that's J-A-F-T-Y!
"i'm the web-mast-er.", aim, bad reception, bb, being tired, ben mazur, beth brenner, billy joel, billy madison, board retreat, booty dancing, bowling, brian bialik, bruce springsteen, bumper pool, camp coleman, camp jenny, charlotte merritt, chase daniels, cherry coke, coke, crappy furniture, cvp, dan nichols, daniel rubin, dave flagler, david rosen, dispatch, elliot greenberg, erica goldstein, florida sub-region, friday night, gators, gelt, goodtimes, grade reps, hannukah, historian, holiday shopping spree, hosting conventions, ib, improv games, jacksonville, jafty, jenna sandler, jesus is my homeboy, jews, jo ellen unger, jo ellen's other kid, joseph young, judiasm, justin/jesus, jyg, kallahs, kobe, kosher food, kutz, lightbulb jokes, lindsey bailet, llti, lock-ins, making fun of brian, matt flagler, mechina, minutes, mixers, mnms, movies, mvp, nfty, nfty points, nfty-sar, nice jewish boys, nice jewish girls, not believing in hell, not erasing the board, not pepsi, office space, owning sleeping bags, panera, patriots, playstation 2, points, president, programming, pulling all-nighters, purim, purim carnival, pvp, rabbi matuson, rcvp, rebecca kramer, regal cinemas, regbo, rick recht, sarah glicksteen, savp, scrubs, sefty, song session, songleading, space balls, sprite, starbucks, taboo, target, ten fingers, the birchat, the coke dude, the loop, the pendergrafts, the point system, the sarah, the temple, triple a, triumph, tyg, uf, video scavenger hunts, village inn, webmaster, winter regionals, youth lounge